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  Bonded Instructions 
  Regulations NO.7 of the year 2000 For Border Measures for the protection of Intellectual property rights 
  Intelectual property Instructions 
  Regulation No.(7) For The Year 2009 The regulations which govern granting temporary Jordanian plates under the temporary admission regime for passenger cars to be purchased from Zarqa Free Zon by Arab 
  Proclamation No (53). 2004 Subject: traffic fees on foreign cars admitted into the Kingdom under a temporary admission license. 
  Exemptions, A Special Decision for Diplomatic and Consular 
  Temporary Admission for Manufacture and Exportation purposes 
  Conditions of practical implementation of temporary entry status 
  Expatriates Relieves Beneficiaries of Relief, Returning Residents whether married or unmarried 
  Refund of customs duties and taxes on goods that are re-exported because they do not conform to specifications before the goods leave the warehouses or stores 
  Refunding of Customs Duties and Taxes levied on some imported goods used in manufacturing national products upon exportation thereof 
  Exemption of Samples and Personal Gifts Brought by Passengers 
  How can you make a self-assessment of duties and taxes payable on your car?